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My Top Fans

Category: Facebook
Application for determination of the most active followers of Facebook fan pages. Rating is based on likes, comments and shares that followers leave on а fan page per month, year or a chosen period.
TOP FANs is a best page app for holding facebook contests.

TOP FANs benefits:
  • increased activity and, consequently, the number of active subscribers;
  • opportunity to brand applications;
  • fine tuning and blacklist availability;
  • daily rankings update.
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Six Facebook Contest Ideas You Can Set Up in 5 Minutes

10 October, 2015

Social media is a very important tool for companies that want to reach their potential audience. Generally, social media for business is used to keep in touch with the target audience, to offer customer’s support, share important information and have fun.

How to Increase Activity and Engagement on Facebook Fan Pages

09 September, 2015

It is difficult to disagree that active followers are one of bases of successful promotion of Facebook fan pages.

Useful tips on promotion in social networks

09 September, 2015

For effective promotion of your project in social networks it is necessary to have a certain knowledge. We hope, the following councils will help you to reach good results:

Advantages of promotion in  social networks

09 September, 2015

Today, promotion of companies, goods and services by means of social networks acquired great popularity. There is nothing surprising. Statistically, more than 70% of all visitors of a world wide web visit these Internet–platforms every day.

Social networks and their importance in online marketing

09 September, 2015

One of principal values in internet marketing is occupied by social networks and promotion there. Advertising promotion history as separate kind of activity, began long before the computers appearance. So, for example, in far 1864 the Russian businessman Nikolay Shustov started production of own cognac production.


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