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My Top Fans

Category: Facebook
Application for determination of the most active followers of Facebook fan pages. Rating is based on likes, comments and shares that followers leave on а fan page per month, year or a chosen period.
TOP FANs is a best page app for holding facebook contests.

TOP FANs benefits:
  • increased activity and, consequently, the number of active subscribers;
  • opportunity to brand applications;
  • fine tuning and blacklist availability;
  • daily rankings update.
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positive reviews

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Feedbacks from our customers

Fine app and works correctly. Will definitely use it again.

Kimberley Camp @Beefeater UK

Thanks for excellent service. The app runs faultlessly. The result appeared above our expectations.

Roberta Araujo @Pizza Cesar

Not a bad idea and implementation. Succeeded to increase activity in several times.

German Suarez @Ford Spain