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Social networks and their importance in online marketing

One of principal values in internet marketing is occupied by social networks and promotion there. Advertising promotion history as separate kind of activity, began long before the computers appearance. So, for example, in far 1864 the Russian businessman Nikolay Shustov started production of own cognac production. He advertised the goods as follows. He agreed in advance with young Moscow students who went on all taverns over the city and demanded to sell them Shustov’s cognac. In those institutions where these alcoholic products were absent on sale, young people started making scandals, uproar and fights. The press became interested in similar splashes in anger, and approximately in a month Shustov's cognac became well-known across the city. It was one of examples of social promotion which was used in the 19th century.

The social network represents an online service, site or a platform which main purpose consists in the organization of social relationship of this or that society, for example, each person can freely place personal information about himself or about the company - specify date of birth, a kind of activity, a work place, address, phone number and many other things. According to the specified data other participant of a social network can find the account of this participant. Finally, between both users some kind of relationship is established which at the request of both parties can be successfully continued or stopped at any time.

Social networks differ a little among themselves. For example, one can be open for access for each Internet user, and others – only for a certain group of persons, who carry out the activity in the closed access. Characteristic feature of social networks is an existence of "groups", "communities" and "friends" who establish among themselves a certain relationship.

According to statistical data, every second Internet user is registered on any social network. The age of participants of social networks on average varies from 18 to 25 years having a stable financial position. Certainly, social networks visit also younger or more adult generation of users, but their quantity isn't so numerous.

Considering statistical data, it is quite logical to make the assumption that many companies choose social networks as the instrument of internet marketing. It allows to create extensive advertising of goods or services, thereby successfully promoting the business.