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Advantages of promotion in social networks

Today, promotion of companies, goods and services by means of social networks acquired great popularity. There is nothing surprising. Statistically, more than 70% of all visitors of a world wide web visit these Internet–platforms every day.

Visitors of social networks – people of different age, nationalities and social statuses. Registration on resources free.

But the basic mass of visitors of social networks – people of active age, those who is most sympathetic to various information innovations. Exactly due to it promotion in social networks is the most demanded and widespread advertising method.

One more fact which explains such a high efficiency of promotion of various resources through social networks, is connected with loyalty of users. It means that advertising of these or those goods (service) isn't regarded as spam, and respectively doesn't cause negative emotions and rejection. Probably, everyone who at least once used social networks, paid attention to advertising materials, but they didn't cause special irritation. Social network is a salutary soil for promotion of the resource. Why? Because there is a unique possibility of a choice, that users make what content to discuss or ignore.

The main advantages of promotion in social networks:

  1. Active sales growth . Promotion of a resource in social networks provides attention of target audience to goods, service, the company or a firm sell.
  2. A source is fresher than information. All subscribers of group will know about the preparing discounts, actions and other news of the company.
  3. Feedback. There is a large number of opportunities to come into contacts with target audience thanks to groups in social network . Such actions influence well development of loyalty of consumers to a product or service.
  4. Fast distribution. The group will be continuously filled with new followers thanks to exchange of information.
  5. Quality of a traffic. Creation of a thematic group will allow to increase quantity of target audience. The group will include only those users who are really interested in the offered goods and services.
  6. Minimization of negative information. Promotion of a resource by means of social networks will allow to make impact on impression of users about the advanced goods (service).