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Useful tips on promotion in social networks

For effective promotion of your project in social networks it is necessary to have a certain knowledge. We hope, the following councils will help you to reach good results:

  1. It is necessary to promote purposefully. Usage of a large number of social networks doesn't mean qualitative and best effect.
  2. It is necessary to know and analyze your clients, to determine the right social platform for promotion.
  3. Communication with users has to happen in their language. Also you shouldn't use difficult terms. Your news and comments have to be clear to all. Otherwise you will be uninteresting.
  4. It is necessary to think out innovations and to share it with users, to ask their opinions and wishes.
  5. Don't forget to disconnect automatic RSS and Twitter posting on Facebook. Human messages are much better perceived by visitors, than automatic.
  6. Don't forget to write posts for discussions. Constantly you conduct surveys.
  7. Periodically give your visitors a chance to take part in development of a new product. It can be the new appendix, or even a type of packaging for any product.
  8. Answer questions quickly. Be sympathetic and attentive. Ignore nobody.
  9. Create more emotions and virus effects in posts.
  10. Use bright and saturated pictures. Avoid the dry text.
  11. Encourage clients for likes.
  12. If you have nothing to tell about yourself, you can tell about the employees, holidays, working processes.
  13. Use special applications for social networks for activity creation in your communities. An excellent example of such app is “TOP FAN”, which allows to define the most active follower of community for a certain period. As practice showed, TOP FAN usage increases activity in community at least by 4 times!