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How to Increase Activity and Engagement on Facebook Fan Pages

It is difficult to disagree that active followers are one of bases of successful promotion of Facebook fan pages.

Regardless of number of participants at the initial stage of development, it is extremely important for young community to interest the audience with unique and entertaining information.

High activity of fan page provides it high-quality promotion, and new discussions, unique publications and interesting polls will positively affect its destiny in the future.

How it is possible quickly to increase activity on Facebook Fan Page?

It is possible to achieve activity in group in rather short terms.

For this purpose, it is necessary to hold competitions and pay attention to filling of the page:

  • Content. Regularly publish interesting material. Automatic posting will help you to plan the publication for a certain time.
  • Discussions. Create subjects for discussions and participate in them.
  • Polls. Carrying out polls - an excellent way to increase activity.
  • Comments. Make posts which will motivate followers to express their opinion.
  • Competitions - one of the most popular ways to increase activity. However in most cases administrators use already bothered competitions with low efficiency.

Which competition to hold to increase activity?

Really working and effective idea is a carrying out competition on the most active follower of your community. In fight for a victory, your followers will start liking and commenting actively on posts in your timeline, and also to share them with the friends. Your community will start coming to life instantly.

TOP FAN app suits greatly for carrying out such competition. Having established it in fan page, your followers will see what place in a rating they take, and it will motivate them to become more active.

It is necessary to mention that TOP FAN possesses flexible settings: you will be able to load the picture, to create competition for certain dates, independently set number of points for each action, if necessary you will be able to create a blacklist of participants who won't be considered in a rating.

All processes in the appendix are automated:

  • the statistics is updated daily and is available in real time to all participants;
  • the results of competition are summed up automatically after competition term.


TOP FAN will change your community to the best.