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Six Facebook Contest Ideas You Can Set Up in 5 Minutes

Six Facebook Contest Ideas You Can Set Up in 5 Minutes

Social media is a very important tool for companies that want to reach their potential audience. Generally, social media for business is used to keep in touch with the target audience, to offer customer’s support, share important information and have fun. Every type of post has its goal and reasons, for example:

Customer’s support 

Social media is a fastest way to stay in touch with the brand. Clients have access to pictures, various information, map, contact details and messages. Any client can leave a message or leave a comment on the profile.

Share important information 

There are different types of posts that are distributed among the target audience. You can write a short message, include hashtags, share it among friends and promote it.


Have Fun

In order to maintain audience’s interest, companies post fun content. One of the most popular type of fun content are the contests. Using simple ideas for facebook contest might be the fastest way to interact with auditorium and keep it entertained.


Below, is presented the list of Top facebook contest ideas that you can easily organize:

1. My top fans

A very simple but great contest - you choose a winner based how active they were on your page. For this, you need to install the application Top Fans, that determines who among your followers is the most active. You get detailed stats based on number of likes, comments and shares. You can check the activity for a month or for the whole year. This type of contest is the most beneficial , since it increases page's activity, number of subscribers and the page rank.


2.  Collect  votes to win

One of the most popular contest used to entertain the audience. In order to run it professionally, you need to install a special application through which people upload the picture, distribute it on the platform and vote on a special page. The best is that the application gives statistics thus; people can analyze and moderate the images.


Example of contest: "Miss Beauty", "Summer family", "Happy Face" - upload your picture, and ask your friends to vote!


3. Collect likes to win

A similar, but a simplest way is collecting likes to win. People send pictures and themselves collecting likes from friends. Consequently, the picture that gets the most likes wins. The easiest way to promote the page.


Example of contest: "Doing Sports", "The best cake" -upload your picture on the page album and ask your friends to like it.


4. Like, Share to win

Due to high activity on the page, the Page Rank increases. Companies post information and ask to like the page, share it to win. Posted information should be related companies' activity, thus it can easily reach a larger audience.


5. Comment to win

Another simple contest among the top fun activities is commenting a post to get a price. Companies never post random information. There is a strict plan, thus there might be a whole day dedicated to contests. If page followers read attentively the information posted on the page the chance of winning increases. These might be questions like “companies’ year of establishment” or “who the managing director is” and so on. The first right answer gets a prize.

6. 10th like on the page wins

One of the oldest facebook like contest is rewarding people for liking the page. For example, you can use random numbers that will be rewarded or more specific: every 99th, 199th, 299th like on the page gets a prize. Thus, you will easily increase the number of followers on the page and keep people entertained and busy.