Mum falls in love with cleaning dirty loos and hoarder’s homes and becomes a Tiktok star

A mum has become a

star after she fell in love with transforming the most disgusting toilets, mouldy student houses and cluttered hoarder homes on her maternity leave.

Chelsi Quenet from Colchester, Essex, started cleaning three years after giving birth to her daughter Frankie.

She joined forces with her aunt at Colchester Cleaning Services, reports Essex Live.

Now, she works with her aunt Becky Dawe and four other family and friends, undertaking deep cleans post tenancy for landlords in Essex 25 hours a week.

She shared her transformations on TikTok, where she’s accrued more than 46.5K followers.

The 28-year-old’s most popular videos were of her most memorable cleans, as they were the worst to begin with.

One depicts a brown mouldy toilet in a wet room, which was so bad it took one and a quarter hours to complete, in comparison to her typical minute-long toilet clean.

The second showed a mouldy fridge full of rotting food – which the mum-of-two said “smelt like a dead person’s breath – after they’d eaten a load of cabbage.”

She said: “It was the smelliest thing I’ve ever done – I couldn’t believe it. Luckily it only took about half an hour because it came off quite easily.”

She cleans well-kept homes, but also festering toilets and mould-covered fridges.

Chelsi thinks the worse the house is at the start, the more she enjoys a challenge, due to how satisfying the transformation is.

She added: “I’ve seen some pretty grimy things. But I like it – it’s boring cleaning something which is already clean.

“I’d rather help someone who is struggling so they can get their place looking nice again.”

These are the most satisfying to complete because she can achieve a “quite dramatic” transformation.

Her top cleaning tip is buying a glass scraper – which are between £3 and £10 – and can tackle almost any cleaning challenge.

She said: “You don’t need to use harsh or dangerous chemicals like acids, it’s the tools you use. A scraper can get off almost anything. You can scrub with a sponge for ages then you use the scraper and it all comes straight off.”

Chelsi explained that her worst ever clean, which she sadly didn’t film, which was a shipping container people had been living in, which hadn’t been cleaned in months.

She said: “It was so dirty. It was cold too and took hours.”

She now has no plans to stop cleaning because of how rewarding she finds it.

In fact Chelsi said her dream is one day to specialise in working with hoarders whose homes grow unclean – to make them sparkly and nice again.

She added: “When something starts really bad, the reactions are always better because the owners can’t believe they are so clean. It makes it a lot more fun and exciting.”