Fifteen of 16 games were within one score in fourth quarter this week, a record

For the first time ever, 15 games in a single week of NFL action were close in the fourth quarter.

As noted this morning, 14 of 15 games had a one-score margin in the fourth quarter. As Joe Buck pointed out at the outset of the fourth quarter from Levi’s Stadium, the 14-9 margin entering the final 15 minutes made Rams-49ers the 15th of 16 games to have a one-score difference (eight points or fewer) in crunch time.

It’s still as one-score game as of this posting, with the 49ers leading by eight, 17-9.

In all, the first four weeks of the 2022 season have featured 50 of 64 games with a one-score edge for one of the teams in the fourth quarter. That’s also a record.